Fire safety equipment design

We use the best available software for the project and detail design of all fire safety equipment.

Fire safety equipment design

We design

sprinkler equipment

smoke ventilation systems

fire alarm systems

fire extinguishers

fire blocks


Our sprinkler design relies on excellent technical expertise, modern design software tools and understanding of our customers’ business and needs.

Our services include sprinkler design for new constructions and extensions as well as renovation works or smaller projects.

Fire alarm systems

Smoke ventilation

Depending on the building, either gravitational or mechanical smoke ventilation can be installed. A smoke ventilation system can be automatic, manual, or a combination of the two.

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers refer to fire prevention equipment that a person can use to first try to extinguish a fire, such as hose reels and portable fire extinguishers. This equipment must be easily accessible and either located in the building or its immediate vicinity.
We design fire extinguishing plans as a part of a fire safety plan or as a separate plan.

Our branches

Palontorjuntaväline Markku Kauriala Oy specialises in the maintenance and installation of fire safety equipment.