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Head office
Marianna Kauriala
Juha Kauriala
Marketing Director


Päivi Myllylä
Regional Manager

Our email address is:


Invoice address

Operator: Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)
Online invoicing address: 003708690616
OVT code: 003708690616

In case you are unable to send us your invoice per email, please send the invoice to accounts payable at the scanning service to:

Finnish Design Shop, Turku
Photo taken in Kauriala’s 25th anniversary celebration in Herrankukkaro, Rymättylä in autumn 2015

The address of the email scan:

The invoice to be sent must be attached to the email as a PDF file. Only one invoice and its attachments may be sent in one email. If the email contains other attachments in addition to the invoice, they will be added as attachments to the invoice. The maximum size of attachments is 2 mb. After sending, the service will send either an acceptance or rejection notification by email to the sending address within 15 minutes of sending.

Address for scanning paper invoices:

Palotekninen Insinööritoimisto Markku Kauriala Oy (Apix skannauspalvelu)
PL 16112

For the scanning service to recognise your invoice, please print your invoicing address on the invoice itself, not only on the envelope. Only send invoices to this invoicing address; press releases, marketing material etc. should be sent to the same address as usual.

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