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Since 1990

Fire protection engineering office Markku Kauriala Oy was founded in 1990. We were among the first companies in Finland to promote performance-based fire safety design.

We employ experts from all areas of fire safety design and we work with the best up-to-date tools in the market. Our company emphasises IT know-how in all of our activities. We have 26 employees in Turku, Espoo and Tampere.

Our main business areas are Finland, Estonia, Sweden and China. We also work in the UK, France, Germany, Malaysia, Malta and South America.

In addition to fire damage prevention, our services include complete consulting and design services. From housing to factories and to overground and underground structures, ships and other vehicles – we can help with your fire safety planning.

Emphasis on IT know-how

All design personnel has ISV*) certified workstations or powerful laptop computers. We update our IT equipment at regular intervals; the average lifespan of a design workstation is two years.

Laskenta ja simulointikäytössä meillä on käytössä oleviin ohjelmistoihin optimoituja laskentanodeja.

*) Independent Software Vendor